R.I.P. Hugo

R.I.P. Hugo

Hugo… I thought you had another five years left in you.  Then you turned up your fins and died rather suddenly this week!

Your fins turned red and then you faded out, despite some last-ditch antibacterial water treatments.

The whole family is in mourning.  You were such a great fish!  The tank won’t be the same without you.


Juwel fluorescent tube


So. Farewell then
Juwel fluorescent tube.

You said Day-Lite would
enhance the
vibrancy of my
coloured fish

But you lied
and then died
quite suddenly

And now I have an
Arcadia Original
Tropical Lamp



Anon. Aged 17½

Tank Loading (Revisited)

I shared my confusion about tank loading rules a couple of years ago and have just re-done the calculations based on (a) the current number of fish and (b) knowing that Hugo is definitely fully grown now, somewhat short of the theoretical maximum.

Here is a summary of the current tankful:

Fish Number Current length (cm) Current total length (cm) Current total weight (g)
Angelfish 1 7 7 9.3
Rummy nose tetra 2 2.5 5 0.4
Albino cory 4 3.5 14 2.7
Euro Ram 2 3 6 0.7
Total 32 cm 13 g

32cm = an Imperial foot, by the way, for readers in the US. And 13 grammes is, um, half an ounce if your ounces are the same as ours were.

So by the measures above, in the same order, the theoretical loading, as a percentage of maximum, is:

  • Inch per gallon rule 63%
  • 1cm per 2 litres rule 71%
  • 1g fish per 2 litres 29%


I guess that means I can buy some more rummynose tetras WHEN I can find some. Have been looking for them all through winter and spring, but there are none to be found.

New Rams

More Amazonians!

Euro Blue Rams are a selectively bred form of Microgeophagus Ramirez, dwarf cichlids which originally come from the Orinoco River basin, in the savannahs of Venezuela and Colombia in South America.


With a bit of luck, these two will turn out to be a pair. Here they are newly introduced into the aquarium. You can see the two tiny new Corys have settled in happily as well. Apologies for the slightly shaky camerawork. I’ll blame bruised ears after last night’s Tycho gig.  I may do a better one later on.

Watermarque staff in North Petherton (Somerset) advised that they don’t grow quite so large as the regular Rams so at a guess they’ll be well under 5cm when they max out.

New Corys

My attempt to add a second Angelfish was a total disaster. Hugo and he were ready to fight to the death so I took him back. Thanks Watermarque Petherton for taking Nugo back without a quibble. I did spot that they had some albino Corys while I was there so I got 2x new ones, getting the Cory population back up to four. They are dear little things. The one on the left is a fully grown female, the one on the right is new.


Plant refit

Enjoying the longer daylight hours this Spring, it seemed like a safe time to invest in some new plants.


Note to self: don’t buy another rubbish fluorescent tube from Juwel. The so-called ‘daylight’ tube is green and dingy. All the old plants faded away over winter.

Alien Life Forms


So – prepping the quarantine tank for some new fishies – I allowed a bit of unhindered biological activity. I wasn’t reckoning on these baby alien life-forms. At least the daphnia seem to like nibbling at them.